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Weavershouse, you've blown my cover! I was born in a small place outside "Brummagam" and had no idea anyone over here would know about Brummie slang. My mother used to do what we called bread and scrape - she would spread butter VERY THINLY on the cut end of the loaf before slicing it. Guess that came from the butter being rationed during the war. Of course I had to Google the site you mentioned and sat here laughing out loud to the amazement of Boo the one eyed pug. Now she thinks I'm over the edge too like my son in Paso Robles, CA. I was relating the tale of the almost disaster to him and he pointed out that it is only bread. He is the one I sent some of my sourdough starter to, and whenever we talk I ask if he has fed it recently. He has had some success but seems to think he has to adopt a tough attitude about it - probably doesn't want to end up as obsessed as his mama. Off to take the recycling, no time to read all of the Brummie sayings. A


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Your cover would have been blown sooner or later using words like "mithering". I'm glad you like the site I mentioned. I laughed out loud it. So "scrape" meant buttered? That's funny. I thought it was whatever could be scraped together! I look forward to many more of your Brummie sayings. By the way, what would "A run around and a kick at the pantry door" mean in answer to the question "what's for dinner?"?                         
Your son's tough love attitude just might work great. I think some of us overdo the attention we give to SD starters :o). We just can't help it.

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