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playing with the ingrediens

playing with the ingrediens

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great after few days, this bread has plenty of flavours that can suprise you while you enjoy it




SourceEmmanuel Hadjiandreou
Prep time40 minutes
Cooking time40 minutes
Total time1 hour, 20 minutes


200 g
Rye (Wholegrain) Flour
50 g
50 g
15 g
Yeast (fresh)
1 t
salt (kosher)
60 ml
Warm Water
50 g
50 g
1 T
red pepper


hey people, my new post. I recently became a member of the forum, and i do my own bread for last 6 months. also, recently I discovered a mill near by me, so i have whole lot of ingredient to play with. this is my version of one of E. Hadjiandreous recipes. i wrote 8 servings, but this bread can be cutted to thin slices (ingrediens make it filling) so i belive even more people can enjoy it.

also you can add plenty of stuff, i like to add fistfull of slightlly crushed walnuts, kumin grains, chopped prunes, red pepper grains ( or black pepper are firmer, but you can crush them..) and bunch of herbs in to dough..

in one bowl melt yeast in warm water, in other bowl mix rest of ingrediens. pour dry ingrediens to wet and mix. cover and leave it for 10min, than stir it some more (you dont have to knead yet).

it should be consistency of slightly moisted dough, sticking to spoon. scrape it off the spoon and leave it to rest. after repeating 2-3 times (mixing- 10min resting) pour over dough cca 3 tbl spoons of olive oil (or some other) and knead well. olive oil should prevent sticking of dough to your hand, but when it starts sticking its enough of kneading. cover and leave to rise.

on pic you can see i use simple mold (not always), so after one hour i move dough to mold (here you can add some sesame, kosher salt, kumin etc) cover and leave it to rise one last time (1h, or 30min + till oven warms up).

set oven to highest temp, 250C, place tin cup inside till it warms and pour one cup of cold water to make steam. place mold with bread to oven and set temp to 220C, 40-45min. if bottom is damped just place it in the oven without mold for 5-10min.

i`ve noticed i love to eat this bread after day or two, cause it gets best flavours from all spices, specially for breakfast with some butter.

hope youll like it!