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Proofing needed!

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Proofing needed!


i was making a firm dough and separated it into balls and then froze the dough. When I was using a proofing oven, I took the dough out of the freezer and put it right into the proofer oven. The dough formed a crust on top ...any idea on how to get rid of that Crust? It was difficult to roll out after. 

also, the recipe says that I should portion the dough into balls and let it rise for about 30 Min  will I need to do that if I'm putting it straight into the freezer and then into a proofer after thaw freezer? Thank you for the help!

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By "get rid of" I assume that you mean prevent it from happening the next time because once you get some dried out dough you cannot get it pliable again.  I assume that your dough was wrapped in plastic in the freezer. It should have been.  If it was, did you leave the plastic on when you thawed it in the proofer? It should stay on until fully thawed and then the dough can be shaped and left to do its final rise as usual.