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Bosch mum 86 1600 watt mixer

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Bosch mum 86 1600 watt mixer

I want to buy a good quality mixer. 

I am interested in assistent dlx mixer and bosch mixer. 

Yesterday I read a blog here.

And here

But I searched by google. It seems like there is no bosch mum 86 mixers in us market. 

It is a dream machine for me . Why the bosch dealer don't import this newest model to us market? 


nicodvb's picture

Bosch Mum mixers are seriously overrated and overpriced toys. They have some good characteristics, but they aren't worth 1/10 their price because they are full of defects. I have a cheap clone, but even the real thing has the same problems.


Deanme's picture

Youd think at 1600 watts this thing can mix - and fast - but youd be dead wrong, dont waste your money, get a KA or even Kenwood. A wooden spoon in hand beats thispretty mixer anyday