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Deactivated yeast usage?

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Deactivated yeast usage?

I have seen a lot of discussion on here and other baking forums about using deactivated yeast as a reducing agent. I realize that overdoing a reducing agent and liquefy my dough, but I can't see anyone recommending a usage level. Can anyone tell me how they've used deactivated yeast so I have a point of reference? If not, I guess I'll just start experimenting and post my results later!

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Jeff Yankellow, gold medal winner: Coupe du Monde 2005, made pain de mie as one of his breads and used deactivated yeast.

His recipe calls for 6 gms deactivate to 5600 gm flour = 0.001

- approx 1 gm per kilo of flour.

He notes:

"the benefit of this ingredient is to ensure expansion of the dough to every corner of the pan,

leaving a finished loaf with very clean, square edges"

Keep in mind, as this is competition bread , he also mentions:

"if deactivated yeast is not available, it may be omitted"

Hope this helps.


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