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Advice on improving my baguette (Pate Fermentee method)

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Advice on improving my baguette (Pate Fermentee method)

Hi, I am a begginer in baking. Baked about 20 to 30 breads so far. This is my first attempt for baguette (using pate fermentee). I have already knew some of the mistakes I made - I had a baking steel in my oven and placed it on level 4, I pre-heated oven to 250C, then after sending in the dough and 3 water spray (plus steam on a cast iron pan), I lowered to 230C. After 10 mins, My baguette already looked burnt (dark brown), so I took it out, tested the inside temperature (202F) and it is done.  I know my scoring needs lot of practicing, but I have a hard time to judge when the dough is proofed at 1.5 times - the timing to score. I would really appreciate any advice to improve my baguette (from these photos).

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But I just wanted to say they look good to me! I am making baguettes for the first time today and I hope mine come out as well as yours! :)