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Greetings from Somerset (UK)

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Greetings from Somerset (UK)

Hi all

I've been making my own bread for a while now but have never looked into the science behind it.  Looking at the forum it can clearly get more complicated than I ever imagined!  I mostly use organic spelt flour (not the bleached version!), normallly from Sharpham Park as they're fairly local to me.  I recently made a gorgeous spelt and oat loaf that I was really proud of.  Having just begun my first sourdough starter so am excited to see how that goes and also experiment with the starter that I have to remove every day - I can't see myself wasting it!!!!

I look forward to 'speaking' with you all over time as I get to learn more about the art of baking.


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Hi Kim.

I wonder how many UK members there are? I've been baking sourdough for a year and a half and I can guarantee that you will find it a fascinating process. Every loaf is different! There are so many variables that can affect the starter, proofing and oven spring.

There are lots of sourdough starter recipes available but I just discard the refreshed starter except when I bake a loaf. Then I keep it on hand until I know the loaf is rising properly. Then I discard it in favour of the left-over levain.

This forum is great for advice so if you have any problems, this is the place to come.


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Hi Kim and Carol

If you fill in your members profile  we can see a little bit about who you are and where you are from, for instance if you click on my name it will give you a drop down box "View User Profile".

I find it very useful and quite facinating as we have TFL folk all over the world, and this time last year when i was doing a cruising holiday i was able to meet up with a few people that i have met on TFL, Ananda in the U.K and Mebake in Dubai. I was also able to meet  fellow bakers here in Perth Western Australia, Ross'n roller and Tigerlilly.

So I encourage all members to complete their profiles it adds a lot of interest and can make a difference in understanding  different locations and sometimes the advice that you might offer members.

Kind regards Yozza


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Thanks for the messages :-) I was short of time yesterday but have now completed my profile.

I understand that getting rid of the 'waste' is going to be necessary sometimes but this makes me sad as I'll have paid grit the ingredients and there will still e activity in the 'waste' that it's a shame to lose.  I just need to get more into the process and see what happens :-)

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Filled in my profile now. You can keep a small starter to minimise waste and keeping it in the fridge slows activity so you feed less often.

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Hello queenmedusa and grandmamac

There are quite a lot of users from the UK on the forum, with varying levels of input.  I am from Shropshire and there are a few over here and into Wales whilst the North East is represented by a number of users including the greatly experienced ananda.  Salamandre and lumos come from the east of England and the London area and Bertie26 from Birmingham but there are many many more whose names elude me at the moment.  Anyway, welcome to TFL.

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Hi medusa et al

What a coincidence! I'm also from Somerset  - Taunton - and today I was teaching a group of students the art of sourdough in Hornblotton - only 14 miles from Yeovil!

I'm by no means an expert on sourdough, but together we made 20 sourdough loaves, from various starters, including mine, and everyone went away enthused about the process.

I took advice from some TFLers, and all in all, it worked out very well.

I've been asked if I'd be prepared to run a couple of similar days in the same area - one in the summer and one in the autumn - of course I said yes.

Here's the story of the workshops (still incomplete, but I hope to upload all the pics tomorrow):

The sourdough post comes first, followed by the Hornblotton post further down.

As a result of over-preparation of starter, I've now got 3 jars of very active stuff in the fridge. But I shall reduce this by making lots of sourdough pikelets over the next few days! :)

Nice to 'meet' all you UK TFLers - this really is a great forum!

Cheers, B&W