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Traditional Breads From Around the World

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Traditional Breads From Around the World

Hi everyone! I am new here, but would really like your opinion on a project I am considering.  After 10 years of food service work and baking professionally as well as for fun, I am now working in the book business.  I am considering compiling some traditional...somewhat from all over the world into a beginner's guide, or better put, an approachable collection of timeless recipes.  Do you guys think this is a worthy project (given there is an abundance of great recipes available online?) And do you all recommend any beginner's guides that may already be available? (Most of my books are pretty advanced and I fear I have lost the ability to see through a newbie's eyes... 

I very much appreciate your opinions and suggestions here. 

Thanks a bunch!




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I would LOVE a book like that! I'm so interested in other cultures & ways of life. Imagine all the different kinds of bread from different periods in history! As far as I'm aware, nothing like this exists yet. I would LOVE to buy such a book! I'm all about experimenting with new recipes and tasting history & culture, so to speak. :)

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Hi Adrienne,

Your post rang a bell and sure enough on my bookshelf I found a copy of "BREAD the breads of the world and how to bake them at home" by Christine Ingram and Jennie Shapter. This is a soft cover book measuring 9"x12" and printed on glossy paper with lots of pictures. The introduction gives history, ingredients and techniques, the middle section lists breads of different regions with pictures, and the final section has recipes, although I seem to remember not for every bread. The recipes are given in volume and weight. The book was published in England in 1999 and 2002 by Hermes House, AnnessPublishing Ltd. I can't remember whether I found the book here (USA) or whether it was a gift from an English relative. I thought you might like to know there is such a book, or was, A. Just checked and Amazon have used copies for 21 cents! A.

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You might want to do something like the books by Alford and Duguid (e.g., Flatbreads of the world) where they combine cultural anthroplogy, food and travel to give one a glimpse into the food (with recipes) and the role of food and its preparation in the lives of those who make it. I would also include more on preparation techniques than on recipes.


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You might look at local at Local Breads by Daniel Leader (a very good book), and Ultimate Bread by Eric Treuille & Ursula Ferrigno (and okay book with great pictures) for ideas.  There are other good books like anything written by Carol Field, especially The Italian Baker (a great book) or The Breads of France by Bernard Clayton who also wrote The Complete Book of Breads.  These will give you a feel for various breads of the world. 

I like your idea but I doubt that the book would work well as a "beginner" book.  If you look into various recipes of the world you will find that they, the recipes,  spent much of their time in the hands of home bakers and these home bakers were typically very very good and skilled in the kitchen.  Most people who are serious about bread are not beginners for very long.  The undergo a fast and steep learning curve that allows them to make truly good bread and many will then spend a lifetime learning more and more finally resulting in great bread.  Take a look around this site and you will see many such examples.

I would like to see in depth recipes complete with techniques and a good explanation of the actual ingredients used as well as some background information as to where the recipe came from originally or as far back as it can be traced.

If you want to really contribute to the bread baking field, this is a book that would take a major research effort to produce.  Short of that, I would say that there are quite a number of books out there that more or less fill the current need, not all in one volume but in many volumes by varied authors.



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Thanks to everyone for your great feedback! You all are a great help. Will let you know if anything grows out of this idea.


All the best to you all!