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Smooth Score versus Breaking Open

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Smooth Score versus Breaking Open

What is the difference between a smooth score and one that busts or breaks open and is much less attractive?  Picture of smooth is above and picture of not-so-smooth (like me) is below. 

Thanks so much!!!   -Kim


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Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the difference there is proofing.  Underproofed will tear open while a perfectly proofed loaf will bloom evenly with a nice ear like above.



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What's proofing?

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Thanks, Josh.  I had often thought the same thing, and maybe that is the case if there is uneven heating while I am proofing.  However, I have loaves that turn out like this in the same batch.  After posting this question and thinking about it some more, I am wonderfing if it has something to do with my scoring...? 

Thanks again for the response.  I appreciate it!