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dough consistency

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dough consistency

I've just started baking, and I was wondering, what is the consistency that the dough should have before going into the oven? Should it be smooth? Or is it ok if it's still a bit sticky? 


This is like basic stuff I should know, but I've noticed that recently my doughs are still a bit sticky after following recipes step by step

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In general the dough should be ever so slightly tacky to tacky at the point that it is headed into the oven.  When you just finish kneading and mixing it should be a bit more tacky.  This is a generalisation but a good one.  It sounds as if your doughs are where they should be moisture wise.


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My suggestion is this:  it will take you a very long time to learn bread baking using this website and recipes.  There's so much to learn that you'll do it much faster, building your knowledge much more securely, if you learn from an expert in the field.  If you cannot afford a course at a local school, buy a textbook and work your way through it.  If you really love baking, and don't need to be in a hurry, don't rush; do all the exercises.  Practice, practice, practice.  I suggest you think about your learning style and examine two particular texts:  DiMuzio's Bread Baking and Hamelman's Bread.  The DiMuzio text is my style, but Hamelman might be yours.

In addition, watch all the videos with links on The Fresh Loaf home page.  Yes, I do mean all.  Then go back to them when one comes to mind.  There's a surprising lot to be learned from watching someone move dough around.


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I looked up both books, and DiMuzio's looks incredibly interesting.

I'll also look for courses around here

Thanks for the advice!