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bottom of my bread burns

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phil vescio

bottom of my bread burns

i have a oven with a stone slab.  i guess its a pizza oven, no steam injection.  but thats not my problem, before the bread is done cooking the bottom is burned, i have to turn the oven down so low it is affecting my oven spring.  not to mention increases in natural gas costs because i cant bake cake or cookies in it. they burn.  could the stone slab be compromised, do they ever need to be replaced? its a thick slab and its not cracked. i dont know what kind of stone it is. it is a light color almost a very light tan.  but i dont know anything about stone.  the oven baffles are not burned through either.  actually their in very good shape! which leads me to think that the stone may be the prob, but i really have no idea.the oven internal temp is 350 

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have you verified the temp of your oven using a 2nd over thermometer? 

perhaps an infra-red thermometer would help you check the temp of the oven deck? 

what temps are you baking your bread, and for how long? 

it sounds like you're baking right on the stone, do you get the same result if you're using a baking sheet? 

until you get that sorted, could you bake on a sheet pan raised on a wire cooling racks (like this) above the stone?


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Most definitely confirm your oven temperature with a thermometer.   Is there a control on the air flow in the oven?  Could you be getting too much hot air under the stone and not enough above?  Is the oven regulating itself properly and not over heating?  This can also be checked with a thermometer.  Are you using bread formulae that you know work with certainty and are not prone to burning in any oven?

I hope that my questions steer you to a solution,


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Do you keep the gas running the entire time?

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...the oven thermometer.

I just bought one (cheap) and my oven is running 20-30 degrees cooler than I need it to.

How old is the oven? When my grandmother's started to go down became very irratic...heating up super hot...then cooling off completely...then kicking up again. Meanwhile...the "read" on the stove top said it was a constant 350...

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In addition to checking your oven temp, consider moving the stone to a different (higher) shelf.  It may need to be farther away from the heat source.

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Mini Oven

There should be a minimum inch between the stone and walls (and door) of oven.  Is the stone on a rack or resting directly on the bottom of the oven?

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phil vescio

thanx all were workin on it, all of your advice at this point checks out.  the oven is getting older, found a good tech. the oven itself has some problems.