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Gluten-Free Quick Ciabatta

Gluten-Free Quick Ciabatta

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Laura T.


This is my first decent attempt at a gf ciabatta. I used Jason's Cocodrillo Ciabatta as the inspiration. If you are highly intollerant to gluten do make sure the ingredients (specifically the cornmeal) are not subject to cross-contamination. I find the sorghum flavour is a little strong though certainly not unpleasant, so I'll be experimenting with other flours.

The bread :)


Crumb pic doesn't really do it justice. It was more holey in most places but here it looks sort of cake-y :S


Ciabatta Loaves
Prep time2 hours, 40 minutes
Cooking time20 minutes
Total time3 hours


150 g
175 g
Potato Starch
125 g
Sorghum Flour
15 g
2 t
Yeast (Instant)
7 g
Psyllium Husk (This can be obtained from Asian supermarkets or online. It's a coeliac-friendly natural gluten alternative.)
500 ml
Warm Water


Mix together all the dry ingredients except the psyllium. Mix the psyllium with the water and leave to stand for 10 mins. Mix the water with the flour until completely incorperated. Transfer the dough to a non-stick container (or oiled bowl) and cover. Leav to rise until at least doubled (about 2 hours). Shape into two loaves on a baking tray covered in cornmeal. Preheat the oven to max (mine is a fan oven and it was 250c). Prove the loaves for about 30 mins while the oven heats up. Sprinkle with cornmeal, slash and bake for 20 mins.


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My wife is on a glutten-free diet.  Will give your recipee a try.

Thanks for sharing!

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Laura T.

Hope she likes it. You can likely replace the sorghum with any gf light wholegrain flour. Let me know if you make it and how it turns out! :)

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Laura T.

Hi dakkar I just posted a new recipe for a baguette (more of a ciabatta flavour really) and I think it's an improvement on this, if you'd like to take a look at it for your wife. I swapped the sorghum out as I felt the flavour was a little off.

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Anything that doesn't taste like cardboard will be a great improvement!

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Truth Serum

I am trying to make a gluten free loaf and this seems like a great starting point!