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Dough becomes too tough after mixing

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Dough becomes too tough after mixing

Hi, im completely new to baking and i tried this simple recipe 

  • 500 g flour
  • 15 g active dry yeast
  • 90 g sugar
  • 15 g salt
  • 300 ml warm milk

It was for croissants, however i made them the first time and everything went perfectly, i tried them again today and after mixing everything in the bowl...the dough became extremely tough and hard to knead and the dough was not sticky 

the measurements were exactly the same so i am wondering as to why my second try turned out horrible? 

could the way you mix everything or the temperature of the milk have an effect on the mixing? 

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From what I understand, flour is most likely the culprit. It can change moisture content and you have to adjust the liquid to get the right consistency. One of the many reasons why bread baking is different from regular baking. Also, if you are using a different brand or type of flour, that could affect your recipe.I pretty much have read that about the flour in every bread baking book I read. If it's humid quite often, you might need less liquid, dry and you might need more. If you change brands, the protein content might have changed, causing you to need more or less liquid. Also, by changing the type of flour you add can make a difference Such as adding whole wheat or rye. Next time, add a tablespoon of water or flour at a time to get the right consistency that the recipe specifys. in bread baking, exact science will not apply! Lol!

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thanks =P i know i chose a flour with low protein content because i read somewhere that you get flakier croissants due to less protien needing less water and having less "doughy" croissants

I just tried it again and added it in bit by bit and that works! :D I used the same flour and quantities the last time, i just think it was probably too dry and needed more milk. 

Thanks :)