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combi steam ovens for bread baking

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combi steam ovens for bread baking


I am planning to buy a new oven. I have just started my search and I realized that the combi-steam ovens are very popular at the moment

One of those is the Miele 5080 XL

I have a questions for any of you that use them for baking bread or buscits

Are they any good for bread baking? (better that the convection ones alone)

Are you satisfied with the results?

Are those combi - steam ovens for Miele any good?

Many thanks




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For this kind of inquiry. Type a search term (Miele, combi-oven, etc.) in the Search box at the upper right-hand coner of the page. You will get a long list of previous posts that deal with the same topic. 

Sorry I can't be more helpful; I don't have the type if oven that you asked about. 


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I've no experience of domestic combiovens, but used to sell & demo commercial combis. if you can control the steam sufficiently, I.e. with a programmable

 burst at the start of the bake, and then be able to bake a

  at a high enough temp., then I don't see why not. I also used to sell commercial bakery ovens, (Revent) but this was 

before I started to bake bread, so didn't understand their programmes;they used to have a programmable steam injection system, so were very controllable.

have you asked Miele?

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Six months aga I bought a Miele H 5247 BP  oven and have not stopped being ecstatic every time I use it - especially for baking bread.  I always bake my regular large loaves using the number 6 program, but extend the time by a few minutes.  The steam injection (moisture plus) seems to be just right.  Tip the loaf from the banneton, slash, and place in oven.  No mucking around.  When baking other loaves I either select another program or use the manual steam injection.

Lately I have been proving my bread (sourdough) in the oven set at 35 deg C, and also making yoghurt at htis temperature.  I intend trying to ferment buttermilk in it too.

I would highly reccomend this oven.