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vital wheat gluten percentage

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vital wheat gluten percentage

If I'm making a yeast bread without wheat, for example half oat flour and half millet four (a random choice), what percentage vital wheat gluten is needed?  Also, would a different percentage be used if I was making a quick bread with baking powder?

I'm also wondering if vital wheat gluten will give a better texture and/or flavor compared to the witches brew of xanthan and other gums, gelatins, and hydrocollodials used in gluten free recipes.

I'd like to try making some wheat free breads, simply because the wheat flavor tends to dominate when it's used with other flours.


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bread flours tend to have approximately 12.5+% proteins that translates to ~11.5% gluten. VWG has 75% real gluten.  Maybe if you add as much VWG as needed to get to an overall of 12.5%  proteins (or even something less: 11.5-12) including only those of wheat (not of oats, that doesn't contain proper gluten) you can get something decent.

 Yet, be aware that too much gluten tends to make rubbery bread.