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Brown Levain with Scald

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Brown Levain with Scald

Having read a recent post by Dabrownman I noticed that he added his sprouts etc at the first stretch and fold.

I wanted to bake a Sourdough with scalded grains and seeds using a recipe that I had been given for a basic SD formula.

My last SD bake was successful as my starter was vigorous, with this in mind I went for a three-stage build with an overnight final maturation.

The final product was reward for time and effort.

The Baking Bear.



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look of this bread John!  The scoring and color is striking.  Is the recipe like a Irish yeasted Brown Bread?  What does the crumb look like?  Do you lihe the scald in the bread?  Sorry lots of questions.  Hope you post the recipe and crumb shot.

Very nice baking John!

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all your questions.

this loaf was inspired by you.

i will post the recipe and and crumb picture when i cut it in a few days.