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Help! Crumb problems

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Help! Crumb problems

My bread is coming out thick in the center with no air bubbles.  While the outside is brown and done the inside is thick and almost a little undone.  Please help!

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It sounds like you could be baking for not long enough.  What temperatures do you use and for what length of time?

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A few of things come to mind:

  1. Shaping might not have been optimal for expansion during proofing time.
  2. You might not have allowed the dough to proof long enough.
  3. Oven temp. could have been to high for the size and shape of bread you were baking.  (Lean dough - hot and quick bakes.  Enriched loaves in loaf pans - not so hot oven and a longer bake time.)

Good Luck in trying to do things a bit differently and see if anything changes.  I always take notes on what I do and this helps me sort out what is what.



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Use a thermometer to check the interior temperature of the loaf.  The temperature should reach 195 - 205°F