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How do i get the open and airy texture of a brioche as opposed to the dense crumby version, i have been using the michel roux recipe for this and it came out very dense and smelt

slightly alchoholic.

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I've always used Richard 's Bertinet's recipe from his book, 'CRUST' and I have always been very pleased with the results.  My son had a brioche roll for his breakfast this morning while on a visit home and was very complimetary!

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Not kneading the dough enough can result in a dense and crumby brioche. The dough must be kneaded until it's satiny smooth and can make an almost transparent windowpane. In my experience, the michel roux recipe is pretty good, but can be hard to work with because of the high percentage of butter. While you're still getting used to making brioche, you could halve the amount of butter in the recipe.

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yeah, might try doing that, have been using the mixer to knead it ,though, last time i did it it did seem like it had a sheen to it and was very elastic, after i had kneded it i let it prove for 2 hours and then put it in the fridge, just wondering whether i didnt knock it back enough because it began to rise in the fridge just as much as it had in my warm kitchen 

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If you find it rising too rapidly, you can decrease the amount of yeast. As for the "sheen," is the dough surface smooth, or can you see any discernible gluten strands? Here are side-by-side charts of two different brioche formulas. The SFBI formula has less than half the amount of yeast as the Roux formula, percentage-wise.

Michel Roux SFBI (reduced sugar)
 grams  %  grams   %
bread flour500100 bread flour600100
milk7014 milk6010
eggs30060 eggs36060
yeast153 osmo yeast7.21.2
salt153 salt122
sugar306 sugar7512.5
butter35070 butter36060
TOTAL2.82 lbs TOTAL3.25 lbs 


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I'll bet Roux's formula is fresh yeast. Osmotolerant is instant and that would account for the difference