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brioche fruit rolls?

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brioche fruit rolls?

hello! i bake bread for a dining co-op with about 75 people. usually i make hamelman's rustic bread, but this week i'd like to make something sweet and spring-y, and plus we have these pears in the kitchen. so i've been thinking of doing a rich dough, rolling it out and filling it with pears (maybe poached with honey? they aren't super ripe) and then rolling it up jelly-roll like and cutting it into like 8" long "loaves."

my questions-- would a brioche dough work for this? i haven't worked much with it, but usually i see it used in buns or smaller pastries. i'm hoping for something hearty enough to hold the fruit, not too flaky. would a less-enriched dough be better, like for a babka? does anyone have a dough recipe they'd recommend? i was going to go with one of peter reinhart's, maybe the middle richness one, but i'm really just guessing.

also, to poach the pears or not? in the past when i've used not-so-ripe pears for baked goods i've cooked them a little first to enhance the sweetness, but i don't want to go overboard, as they will be cooked again with the bread.

any tips you all have would be great. this is my first time posting, but i've been reading this website avidly for a few months now. its incredibly helpful and i'm grateful for all of the wisdom and experience you have to share.



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Brioche is a wonderfully flexible dough that can be rich and sweet or rich and savory. It makes great rolls,loafs or even coffeecake shapes. What works best for you?

I just entered "Pear" in the search box and got a LOT of listings for ideas. I would think any recipe for apples would work well for pears, esp since they are not overripe. The hardest part might be deciding!

Dough recipe- I use Floyd's "Lazy Man's Brioche".  I have even used half oil in that recipe. Enter that in the search box-couldn't be easier!.

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I'd love to know which direction you went. In a few months I will have a lot of semiripe pears from a backyard tree.