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Bread Flopping quetion.

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Bread Flopping quetion.

Ok so bit of a newbie.  I have been having a bash at a few recipies from this site.  I am not a starter guy, not that advanced yet.


I have been making basic bread with seeds in it.  I let it proof in the oven in a big pot then bring it out, cut it up and let it proof again in the pans.


I have a double oven so proof temp up top as bottom oven heats to 400 for the first 10 minutes and then 350 for the second.  Bread usually turns out awesome except for one thing. When it proofs in the upper oven it gets a nice rise with a nice round top.  I just physically open the top oven, and grab the bread in the pan and lift it downstairs and put it in the hot oven.  In the couple of seconds I do that it goes from a nice round balloon to a flopped pancake.  Bread itself still tasts awesome but anyway to keep that nice round top to it and not have it wind up looking like sandwich bread withi a completely flat top?


Thanks all


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you have over proofed the dough.  If you are putting the right amount of dough in the pan than it should rise about 1/2" over the top of the rim of the pan when ready.  If it is more than that it has probably  proofed too long.  Just cut back on the proofing time and do a poke test to confirm it is ready.  If you poke it and it doesn't come back - over proofed, If you poke it and it comes back half way it is ready, if it comes back fast it needs more time.

Hope this helps