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Oven Selection

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Oven Selection

I need advice on purchasing electric double ovens.  Is infrared broiling worth having?  Which ovens would you consider best and does the manufacturer stand behind them.  I've read a horror story or two about Viking, Wolf, and Bosch.  Miele is out ofl my price range, though I could spring for the aforementioned brands if I knew I would not have trouble with the products.  Advise, please.

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I am waiting to purchase my new double ovens when the budget allows.  I did quite a bit of research on this and am pretty certain I will be getting the Electrolux double oven.  Shouldn't break the bank, and I really liked it when i saw it at the showroom.  Internet reviews are generally favorable as well.  Around $3000.  I don't know anything about infrared broiling, but I don't broil much.  What I really want is a reliable temperature and a quicker preheat.  My current 14 year old KitchenAid really stinks in those features right now.

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Thanks.  Had never thought of Electrolux.

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Hi Judy,

I did an extensive wall oven search last summer.  I found a lot of good information on the Garden Web forum about how different ovens compared to each other.  It gave me a starting point and keyed me into things I might have over looked on my own.

One thing that came up over and over again was that what fails on most of the ovens on the market today are the electronics.  Doesn't matter if they are high or low end.  Failures seemed to occur after the self cleaning cycle was used.

I have learned over the years that when I need to replace a kitchen appliance my appliance repair shop is a good starting point.  I always give them a call to find out what name brands they are having to repair a lot.  That lets me know what to avoid :-)  I have also learned to ask if the parts for the appliance I am looking at are available locally too.  I know where I live Bosch parts are not and Samsung has only one shop in the entire metro area that survices homes....

My search led me to purchasing an Electrolux single oven which is sitting in my garage as I type waiting to be installed next snow day we have.  I chose it because it was reasonably priced; my repair shop had good things to say about it; it has 3 gliding shelves and it is made in Canada.  I like the blue interior too :-)

I bought the extended warranty.

One thing I will pass along is that ovens need a burn in phase to burn off oils etc. when they are new.  This isn't done in the factories and it smells a lot.  The fumes will kill birds in your house if you have any for pets so beware.  Oven must be turned on to at least 500° and left there for a good 30 minutes to get rid of the odor.  When I have done this I generally start out low and crank up the heat a bit at a time.  I open all windows and doors and turn on our attic fan.  It really stinks....Garden Web has good advice about this too....

Good Luck

Take Care,



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Great advice.  Interesting to know you  purchased Electrolux as they are not a brand I would normally investigate.  Thanks.