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Juergens Detmolder Rye Sour

Juergens Detmolder Rye Sour

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Juergen Krauss


This is the standard rye sour I use for my German - inspired rye breads


Prep time10 minutes
Cooking time
Total time10 minutes


100 g
Rye (Wholegrain) Flour
100 g


Ferment for 14 hours at 28C

If you have a different temperature, ferment longer.

Alternatively you can add more starter (up to 20%)

If your kitchen is hotter, you can use less mature starter (5%) or add some of the bread's salt.

I keep my starter in the fridge and refresh it once or twice before baking a batch (which happens once a week).

To start this rye sour begin with small quantities, and add abit of honey at the beginning:

1. Feed: 10 g rye + 10 g water + 1/2 tsp honey

2. Feed after 12 hours: add to feed 1: 10 g rye + 10 g water

3. Feed after further 12 hours: Add to feed 2: 20g rye + 20g water 

You get the idea. Proceed like this for 3 to 5 days, and yo should have something that is alive.

Now you can switch to a slower feeding cycle and less mature starter, e.g, the proposed ratios above once a day, until you are happy with the smell and taste.

You are ready to bake now. 




This starter looses about 10% of its weight during fermentation


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No salt? No rise? 100% hydration?


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is just talking about how he takes his rye sour starter, through the levain stage over several days so it is perfectly ready to inoculate a loaf of bread.  At least I hope that is what he is doing:-)

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Juergen Krauss

Yes, this is intended as a recipe for a sourdough starter from scratch.

 I played around with the recipe section and tried to find a way to add a multi-stage recipe.

The rye sour is being used in

But I don't find this tool very intuitive for bread recipes ...

Happy Baking,


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Of course. I didn't read the quantities carefully enough.