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Bread using lactose free milk

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Bread using lactose free milk

A few years ago, I discovered that I have a slight lactose intolerance. Since then I'm avoiding dairy products when I can and using lactose free milk instead.

Lactose free milk is produced by adding lactase enzyme to regular milk. The enzymes turns about 99.9% of the lactose to glucose and similiar molecule called galactose.

Will my commercial/wild yeast dough perform the same with this composition of sugars? (glucose is perhaps too simple sugar for bread dough)




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Hi Guy,

I have the same issue and the lactose free milk works just fine as a substitute for milk in any recipe.  Most notably I've been using it in Peter Reinhart's 100% whole wheat sandwich bread recipe from Whole Grain Breads.


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Thank you... It'll be very useful substitute in many recipes...

The funny thing is that I was asking the question for that particular bread (absolutely wonderful book)...


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I only use Lactose free milk and have not had any problems.

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Des anyone have any experience using non cow milk options (specifically rice or almond?)?

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I've used soy and had it perform the same way as a dairy milk. I have not tried almond but I would be interested to see what would happen. As I understand it, the proteins in milk help soften the gluten structure, the fat helps slow staling, and the milk sugars help the bread brown. As far as I know, almond and rice milk have protein, fat, and sugar, so they should work similarly (though perhaps not exactly the same).