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A good day's work in the kitchen.

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June 4, 2007 - 10:00pm -- The_Leaven

Two loaves of challah and a loaf of light rye.


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Hi Leaven, 

Nice loaves!  I  especially like the spiral challah.  To shape it, do you just form a baguette and then roll it up, or do you press it more flat first?  Your batik tablecloth is beautiful too.


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Submitted by The_Leaven on

Thank you! The batik is part of a set my mother made me for our Jewish observances.

 I make a long, thin baguette into a snake, hang it up to let it stretch, then roll it up inside to outside. The traditional Jewish form is to make the center end into a snake or bird head. We don't tend to do that, though. 

 Challah is very difficult, given its toughness and inappropriateness to mixers - tends to slam the side and burn out motors. I used a mini-recipe that only made two loaves to save my arms! Regular challah tends to make 10 loaves!