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Electrolux attachments for sale

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Electrolux attachments for sale

I have a bundle of electrolux attachments to sell.

Ankarsrum Original® Meat/Food Grinder(Also fits older Electrolux Assistent mixer, Verona Assistent Mixer, Magic Mill DLX mixer)

Grind meat, fish, potatoes, vegetables and a variety of other foods. The grinder comes standard with the feeder tray, food plunger, 4.5mm (hole size) disk, four bladed knife, a 3/4" (tip diameter) sausage stuffing tube, and grinder splatter guard. This is a very high quality, robust grinder that can process a lot of food quickly. The accessory 6mm disk listed below is good for sausage making and the accessory 2.5mm disk is for mincing. Tip: For best results, grind meat when it is chilled to just above freezing temperature; this makes a big difference in both grinding ease and the consistency of the finished product.


i also have all additional grinder discs and the sausage stuffer.

Also the cookie extruder thing.

also the four pasta discs for spaghetti, and three other types.

Also the cheese grater.

also the food strainer.

All of these work with the grinder and the new price is around $450.  I'd like $200 plus shipping.

See more info on these attachments at pleasant hill



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I dropped the bundle price to $200.  It's next to impossible to find the attachments used without the mixer, so if you've been thinking you'd like to get some this is your big chance to save some cash.

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I know this is old, but are these attachments still available?