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Rye Flavoring

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Pickleball Player

Rye Flavoring

A simple request - I'm not having luck finding rye flavoring (in Canada).  Can anyone help?


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what rye flavoring is but in America it might be called caraway seeds :-) King Arthur Flour has it on their web site too

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The best rye flavoring that I am familiar with is,  rye flour.


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Mini Oven
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I am tempted to ask, "What's next?" but I fear that someone might tell me.

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I don't have all the proper markings for German but I believe that is what you may mean-at least I hope so.

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You can substitute about 1/4c of dill pickle juice for the same amount of liquid in the recipe. The vinegar and dill gives it a little bit of a tang, but not overwhelming.