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Learn to make Liege waffle in Belgium

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Waffle Lover

Learn to make Liege waffle in Belgium

Hi there, I would love to learn to make Liege Waffle in my stay in Belgium. Does anyone have a clue where I learn it? from a cooking class/ a local resturant/ school?

Would be thankful for any ideas!

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Perhaps Cooking Time will be helpful in offering suggestions.   There's a link in the article to the school.

Happy travels!


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I know you want to take a class in Belgium to learn the waffle secrets, but in case you don't come up with a class that fits your needs,  I want to point out this website created by an American who did a lot of research on how to make the liege gaufre in the American kitchen.

I think that he posts here on The Fresh Loaf, too, although I'm not sure.  A search might turn up his threads for even more info.

I've used his instructions and had a very good result.  

And BTW, if you don't have a Belgian waffle iron, I bought mine on e-bay for a very very good price.

Good luck,  and if you go to Belgium and take a class be sure to tell us about it!


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Pop N Fresh
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Hi, Robert,  

I was hoping you would speak up!  

I love your photos and instructions.  

I wish I could be a sample taster for you!  

I'm addicted to these things.