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hi from Malaysia

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hi from Malaysia


 Just like to say this is one of my fav bread goto sites. You can never stop reading and reading. Many thanks to the creator and everyone in it who loves bread.

I started making my own bread for my kids, as living in Malaysia store bought bread are packed with lots of additives which is the norm here.  These addtives helps creates super soft bread that won't go mouldy for more than a week in our hot humid environment.

 Like many, I got hooked after baking my first bread from asian recipes to reinhart and hamelman. 

 Heres my first attempt, baked yesterday, at Hamelmans 5 grain loaf with my own wild yeast starter - its actually 4 grain, I forgot the toasted pumpkin seeds after toasting..but taste and texture was awesome. 

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Welcome! You made an excellent choice by making your own bread.