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Vegan baking

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Vegan baking

Anyone here into vegan baking?

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The  recipe for basic bread is vegan:  flour, water, leavin, salt.  What would you like to know about it?



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I was just seeing if there are any vegan bakers on here....not so much bread bakers, but dessert bakers

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Chloe's Vegan Desserts is currently.  The book got some good reviews.  Her twitter account with her website is here,

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This site has world wide participation so I'm sure we have all kinds of bakers-even vegan! The site is more geared to bread baking but sweet breads and other yeasted breads and pastries do come under the dessert heading. Feel free to ask a question or just stroll through the forum and review past posts.There is a Baking for Special Needs forum and also a Cakes,Cookies and Pastries forum so have fun and ask away!

Welcome and bake some delicious fun!

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Hi sufdawg

I've been a breadmaker for almost 40 years, a teacher of breadmaking for over 20 years - and I've been vegan for the last 8 years. All the bread I make for my own consumption is vegan - both savoury and sweet - and most of the bread I make with my students is vegan. 

Much to the surprise - and horror, I might say, sometimes, of other breadmakers - eggs and dairy products are quite superflous to requirements when it comes to making a dessert bread. If bakers wish to include these ingredients in their bread, it is of course, their right to do so, but they are not at all necessary - IMO! :)

As Ford says, "The recipe for basic bread is vegan: flour, water, leavin [levain?] and salt". If you want to make that into a dessert bread, then adding any combination of the following - some form of sweetening, fresh or dried fruit, nuts, chocolate in all its forms, sweet spices, jam, etc - will do the job. (I'd leave the salt out of a sweet bread, but salt's a personal thing, IMO.)

Here's my blog, with many vegan dessert breads - plus there are several vegan cakes on there as well:

I've also got some pretty good savoury bread recipes on there, including a fantastic pizza recipe!

Cheers, Paul