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Buying & shipping flour to Africa

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Abdul Ghana Sesay

Buying & shipping flour to Africa


I am venturing into buying baking flour in large quantities from US manufacturers and shipping it for sale to Africa. I am looking to purchase good quality flour at very low prices. I have also being told that baking flour manufacturers in Europe; especially Holland and Germany sell at cheaper prices than US manufactureres. Does anyone know this to be true. Also, I am not well conversant with the flour in dustry. Can someone give me some advice on where to begin, and information on how to compare US prices to those in Holland and Germany. Also, just general expertise on how to purchase large quantites of flour for cheap, how does US flour compare in quality, cost of shipping flour to Africa from the US compared to shipping it from Holland and or Germany. Any general information that will help me in my decision-making as to which route to go when conducting business. Anyone's input will be highly appreciated.

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When you say large, you mean by the Tons? I think you need to talk to an Importer/Exporter specialise! We have trouble getting a few kilos.

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Since you did not say where in Africa you planned to ship the bulk flour, let me ask a question.

Instead of flour, why not ship wheat seeds so the people of Africa can become self-sufficient?