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Levained Pan Loaf

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Levained Pan Loaf

Decided to try making a levained sandwich shape loaf. Came out good. Crusty exterior and a chewy crumb. It was 70% hydrated, Im going to drop it to 65% to make handling easier and less chewiness in the crumb. Hope to make this my goto sandwich loaf. The loaf suffered from a dark but dull crust. I didnt steam the oven for one loaf and its just for general eating. So, when I pulled it out and saw the sorry looking crust I thought what would happen if I wiped it down with water. It got rid of some of the dullness and brought out some underlying colour. Gave it a bit of destressed, rustic, farm look I think. I like it! I just need to spritz the top of loaf after scoring to allow for some bloom before the crust sets. Then wipe with water while still hot from the oven.

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It looks great.  Whatever works for you is the right way!



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If you have one big enough, put the bread pan inside a covered enamel or cast iron pot and you 'll get the same benefits of the covered pot method while still getting your pan bread shape.