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patisserie ovens etc in uk

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patisserie ovens etc in uk

We are looking at kitting out a new artisinal bakery in the UK and are fine with deck ovens for the bread side of things, but are having trouble when it comes to equipment for producing patisserie products.

We are a very small business so don't need a huge oven, but finding anything in the UK that supports patisserie size trays (400 mm x 600 mm) is proving difficult unless I want to spend a small fortune on one you could fit our entire bakery into. We are ideally looking for a high quality oven that can fit around 5 trays, with convection that can be turned off or at least low enough to not produce wonky cakes or blow liquids like custard fillings all over the place. I've previously worked in restaurants where everything is gastronorm size and I'm not experienced with equipment buying, so I'd welcome any advice when it comes to where to get ovens that are compatable with 400x600 patisserie trays in the UK and which brands to go for. Could also use advice on fridges and freezers that are patisserie tray compatable.