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Wholewheat-rye Sourdough

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Moya Gray

Wholewheat-rye Sourdough

I've been learning and lurking on the site for about a year now and have learned so much from all of you!  Thank you!

Here are pictures of the latest bread I've made, a long fermentation wholewheat-rye sourdough.



Here is the crumb shot:

I'm really happy with this recipe which is as follows:

100 G whole wheat flour

100 G rye flour

200 G bread flour

100 G all purpose flour

105 G starter (100% hydration)

20 G salt

300 G water

I mixed and, rather than autolyse at this point, I tried some stretch & folds, but found it way too I wet my hands several times and it was easier to do the S&F (but it was more like kneading than the usual S&F with a higher hydration dough).  I continued the S&F for about 30+ minutes, covered it with tin foil and left it on the counter (72 degrees F) for 7.5 hours and went to sleep.  The next morning I then shaped the dough and let it rise for 45 minutes.  I baked it at 450 degrees F for 20 minutes with steam throughout the entire 20 minute period (cast iron pan with a towel and water).  The crumb is very moist, as if it had been a higher hydration dough, and rather sweet-nutty tasting.  I really like the flavor of this one!  Any suggestions for improving this?


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Song Of The Baker

Well done Moya Grey!  It looks like it will be a nice one to devour.

I love sourdough ryes and this one is right up there with them.

Good job :)


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Moya Gray

Thank you John!  I appreciate your lovely comments!



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Nice, tasty looking bread, Moya!

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Moya Gray

Thank you Alpana!  Happy Easter!

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Rye and WW bread!  With a breaqd like that i'm not sure i would change much except just to experiment around with the recipe.  It is just great inside and out with an open, moist crumb and beautiful outside.  20 minutes is pretty short for a bread like this especially when all was steam.   I would do 18 minutes steam and 8 without for a bread this size but my temperatures are a little low too.  Did you bake it to 205 F on the inside or just go by look and feel?

I think the only thing I might try is upping the water by 35 g getting the overall hydration up to 70% and see if the crumb will open up a little more.  70% hydration isn't very much for a 50% whole grain bread.

Very nice baking.