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hello from Scarborough and HELP! All the honey sunk to the bottom of my loaf :(

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hello from Scarborough and HELP! All the honey sunk to the bottom of my loaf :(

HI! So, I'm a student in Scarborough (UK) and I've recently got into bread making. I've not mastered anything yet, but I'm practising whenever I get the chance.

So anyway, I couldn't find a help section on here, and that's mainly why I've joined.

Last night I improvised a bit and threw some rolled oats and honey into my bread mix. The result tastes amazing but it's quite dense and at the bottom it's almost still like dough. I think the honey has sunk to the bottom of the loaf, but I just want to be sure because if I can perfect this recipe it will be brilliant!! Once I've done that I will, of course, share it on here :)

So could the problem be that I used too much honey? Or could it be that I used set honey rather than runny honey? I used 2 table spoons an now I realsie that was probably too much but I think the taste of it is right, not too overpowering but it's there.

If anyone could help me that would be awesome! Thankyou :) 

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I should probably have mentioned, I used an oven, not a bread maker. And I left it to rise and then proove and then steamed the oven too.

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Is this a kneaded dough or more of a quickbread/soda bread?

What kind of vessel did you bake it in?  Sounds more like it's maybe undercooked on the bottom...   Does it just need to be taken out of the pan and finished a bit more in the oven?  

2 tbsp honey should be fine for anything with 3 cups or more of flour/oats.   Set honey might be a problem if it didn't get distributed throughout the dough - just warm it first so it can distribute well. 

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I bake all the time with honey, and I'm sure this is not the honey that caused the gooey bottom layer in your bread. Like Maggie I assume it is underbaked at the bottom. Without knowing your formula and procedure it is difficult to say more, also to the denseness of your loaf.

My first trials to bake breads ended up in bricks, so don't be discouraged.

Welcome to TFL,

Karin (from Maine, and Germany)