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not aluminium

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not aluminium


I am baking daily in a small order. Recently discovered my Kitchenaid dough hook (nylon covered) is aluminium. Not happy. Bought a new "burnished" one. Aluminium. Please advise which sensible small scale mixer I might purchase.Thankyou. Quite sad, loved the kitchenaid strength. A replacement will need to be strong and cleanable, but not non stick. I want stainless and cast iron! Please help, I loved my kitchenaid, but we all ate the white plastic coating of the cooking as it fell in, I want stainless steel or iron! I can buy what can sequent me.

Thankyou, I need baking help! XX







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What is it that you object to about an aluminum dough hook that is coated with Nylon?

It certainly will outlast the mixer.

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until I got to this part which I think explains her problem - "we all ate the white plastic coating of the cooking as it fell in"

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From what I understand the link between Alzheimer's and aluminum was debunked a long time ago.  Most commercial kitchens use aluminum pots, pans and baking sheets so unless you eat exclusively at home you might be doomed already and I think plastic in your diet is probably not healthy.  


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Dear Pippa, Since you've mentioned "sensible" and "cast iron" in the same sentence with dough hook, you must be craving for the particles of rust in your baking.  I would suggest taking iron supplements instead.  As of the KA dough hook, either burnished or coated, there are perfectly food safe.  And, by the way, the coated are not plastic, but baked enameled.    Hope you would be able to enjoy your appliance without fear or discomfort.

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The original poster asked for advice on a dough hook not for a browbeating on the subject of aluminum and plastic.  It would be most appropriate to ease up and answer the question or not.


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tells me that these are probably available for only "top of the line" Kitchen Aide models, but here's another one

If you want a small spiral (that is all stainless steel construction) you might contact Pleasant Hill Grain (type into your favorite search engine) and explore their Hausler line. Or take a look at the Electrolux mixers.