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Help with MORNING crumpets!

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Help with MORNING crumpets!

I have seen lots of crumpet recipes which involve adding yeast then leaving to ferment for a hour, etc but.....

I want to get up in the morning, get a brew on, heat the pan and then get cracking cooking crumpets! Not faff about proving mixtures y'know?

I want a recipe that is good to go from the moment i get up, can i just leave my mixture overnight on the work surface if i covered it in cling film?


thanks in advance

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I can't think of a reason why you can't, although you *might* want to put the batter in the fridge to retard the proofing a bit.

I do this all the time when making English Muffins. I believe that the direct heat method of cooking enables this to be a ridiculously forgiving bread, so you should be fairly successful. If not, then I'll share my recipe for muffins...split with a fork, they're a reasonable substitute.

"Dave's Muffin 'Recipe'"

Cooking time: 8-12 hours.


Flour, Yeast, Salt, Wine, Coffee, Corn Flour (if available, to coat).

The evening before you wish to have a muffin-based breakfast.

Stage 1 (optional)

Open wine, preferably with friends. If at a friend's home, ensure they have a reasonable kitchen and a spare room.

Drink wine.

Repeat this process until intoxicated, then suggest a muffin breakfast. Proceed to stage 2 (in kitchen). 

Stage 2

Grab flour, chuck some in bowl.

Sprinkle some dried yeast over the top.

Add some salt, then mix dry ingredients together.

Add some water and mix with a  wooden spoon.

It should hold together but be quite sticky at this stage. If it's too wet, add more flour. If it's too dry, add more water. 

Cover. Put in fridge, if remembered. If not, don't worry. Proceed to stage 3.

Stage 3

Sleep off the effects of the wine

Stage 4 

Make coffee, consume coffee whilst finishing the muffins (and through the rest of the morning).

Put some corn flour in a small bowl.

With a wet spoon, "measure" out roughly muffin-sized lumps of dough into the corn flour, flip them to coat, then make approximate rounds out of them. Leave to prove on a cutting board whilst getting a frying pan hot (medium-to-high heat, about 850C on my old electric hob).

Put muffins in pan, leaving a little room for expansion. 

Cook for about 8 minutes per side, covered with lid.

Leave to cool.

Split with fork, and serve lightly toasted with proper butter, or as the base of eggs benedict. 

It really doesn't seem to matter what the quantities are, as long as they get to the approximately correct consistency. It also doesn't seem to matter what protein flour is used, whether it's dried or fresh yeast (I've not yet tried sourdough, but I expect it to be fine), or the level of hydration (within limits). These really are my most favourite thing to bake, as I can be completely free-form with the ingredients and I can throw them together at anybody's home. They also make a great gateway drug for neophyte bakers when they see how easy it is.



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Thanks a lot for this, will give it a go. Just need to keep searching for a crumpet recipe now :-) 

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RedL  I've never tried this recipe but King Arthur always has very good, easy to follow recipes.

Happy baking!