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ratio flor water and hudration

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ratio flor water and hudration


Im new at every thing here, can some one help me with the math ?

1/2 cup flour approx  75 g

1/4 cup water apporx  59 g

=  78% hydration   ??? how did you get this ??

1/2 cup flour       75 g

1/2 cup water    118 g

= 157 %   hydration ??? again how did you get this :(

this is driving me crazy  I  want to learn how lol : (


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Ballroom Billy

the water/ flour ratio is:

grams of water divided by grams of flour. then to change it to a percentage you multiply by 100.

An easy one is 75 grams or water and 75 grams of flour = 100 % hydration 

your 59 grams water /75 grams flour = .786666

multiply by 100 and you get 78.66 %

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There are some very good resources to help understand baker's math on this site.  The handbook (top menu) has a section on it here.  David Snyder has also put together a very easy to understand version along with examples here. Once you get it, all the recipes you see on TFL or in books will make much more sense.  Good luck and don't hesitate to ask more questions.