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A few Poland pics (off topic)

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A few Poland pics (off topic)

I hope you'll forgive me for making an off topic post, but my last post didn't do justice to how pretty it is Poland right now.  I wanted to do a quick post to share pictures of a few of the sites here.  


There are oodles more in my Flickr account (here and here). I'll make more posts about the food here when I get home.  So much to see and do though, so little time! 



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Thanks Floyd,

I love seeing pictures of Eastern Europe.


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Morning Floyd,

Thanks so much for these shots and for your links to more.  I do think you of all people are allowed to post 'off topic' topics......  At least once in awhile.....not like any of us ever do :-)  I am so glad you did!

Take Care,


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trailrunner have been very busy !!  Thank you for posting more photos.  It looks like you got some very snowy weather for your trip. It has been nice to revisit the area through you. c

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Thank you for sharing the photos and your trip. I dont imagine I'll ever get a chance to visit those places, so I appreciate that you share.

Take care,




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Hello Floyd:

  The pictures are beautiful but the one on Flickr had this note on in "This pictures or Video are not currently available."   Is it something wrong with my site or ????

Thanks for sharing.


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No, it isn't you. Flickr is weird sometimes. I saw that last night but today I am seeing the photos. Go figure!