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UK - Durum Wheat Flour

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UK - Durum Wheat Flour

I've found one new source (and hoping for another source) of durum wheat flour in the UK!

Limone on Highgate High Street N6 (delicatessen, does freshly prepared sandwiches, lots of yummy deli ingredients, not cheap but good quality and very friendly) are now stocking durum wheat flour (semola rimacinata di grano duro) - the brand appears to be Fior di Molino, Molino Rossetto spa, Pontelongo

£2.25 for a kg

One to add to the London stockists

I'm hoping there is also a deli in Cambridge that stocks this - just waiting for the details!!


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I pay that same brand 82 eurocent per kilogram. I don't find it particularly tasty, either. It's quite bland compared to many other durum wheat flours.

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Thanks Nico - that's a shame!  There is so little available here, I haven't even got to the idea of different brands - it's more what I can get hold of!
I'll have to check again with the deli in Cambridge - but £2.25 is about the going rate!

If I got a crowd of people together, could we do a bulk import? <grin>


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Hi Salilah,

you can try "Lina Store" in Soho, London. They have De Cecco's "farina di semola".

I don't remember the price, sorry, but the brand is a good one.

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Wow, that's expensive! Thanks for the tip, though. Was only in Hampstead this week, so will have peekie. Can't resist....

I've seen some at wholefoodsuk i think, not sure. To pricey, delivery was sky-high, enough for 2-3 bags alone.

Right, everyone keep their eyes on the lookout...!