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Anyone use one of these

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Anyone use one of these

Anyone use one of these grain mills for a Kitchenaid Mixer? Any feedback on this mill would be appreciated.



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I've had one for a few months. I've never tried to mill enough wheat to bake a whole formula from it. Will likely get that ambitious at some point but so far use it only to mill smaller quantities of wheat or rye for levains and other additives such as toasted wheat germ and bran. It is challenging with the KGMA to get whole seeds milled down fine as the kind of storebought ww flours we're used to. Takes patience and multiple psses with sifting in between.  If you think you might get serious about home milling for much of your formulas' demands, I'd surf Pleasant Hill's offerings, and proth5 and Varda's posts. 


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I have not used one but I have read many comments that report this to be only mediocre as a grain mill if it is bread quality flour that you seek.  Also I have seen comment that extensive use of this attachment can lead to the demise of a newer KA mixer.


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They only sell it in Europe, but the attachment interface is the same as American KitchenAids. It has stone wheels. The attachment you're considering does not produce fine flour.

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Thanks all for your info, this is good stuff! Keep it coming.



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Just my 2¢ worth....If you are seriously considering milling your own flour - buy a mill.  You won't regret it.

 I am one who prefers having the right 'tool' for the job at hand when it will be used on a regular basis.  I bake daily and mill flour several times a day so a mill was essential for me.  If you only bake occasionally then I imagine an attachment for your KA would be fine.

It is all a learning experience and its all about finding out what works best for you in your kitchen :^}

Have Fun in the search,


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I agree with a mill to mill. I purchased this but returned it since milling really heated up my KA. I do love the versitility of my mixer but burning it out with milling would have left me without my pasta press and my mixer. Good luck!!

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As a beer brewer, I know guys that have used these to try and crush 8-12lbs of grain at a time, and according to them, KA actually only recommends that you use this attachment if you have a 500watt+ motor. Your standard artisan has a 325 watt motor. There have been instances where they burned out their motors. 

For typical home bread batches, the load will be lighter, but you are going to be putting a lot more wear and tear on the mixer. 

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I would not recommend buying the KitchenAid Grain Mill attachment.  I did early on in my grain milling experience and it was not good.  It did not mill the grain fine enough no matter what I did, so I ended up buying a proper grain mill (Komo Fidibus 21) .  I love my Komo mill - it does a great job and has done so for several years now.


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okay okay, perfect I am getting the feeling that the inexpensive route will not work. Fair enough. I am quite frugal and always looking to save money anyway I can, hence the question.

I do have 575 watt mixer. Also I have a few Mates back in the UK that could pick up that Schnitzer for me, something to think about. Thanks all for your help, again.