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Food-grade Covered Dough Bin for the Refrigerator--Recommendation Please

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Food-grade Covered Dough Bin for the Refrigerator--Recommendation Please

I'd like to replace my old "dough bin": a plastic shoe box which probably isn't food-grade.

Any recommendations for a quality made food grade dough bin?  I'd like to be able to fit it on a shelf in the refrigerator, taking up about half the width of the shelf--but can be plenty deep.

I think glass would actually be ideal since it would be the safest and also easiest to keep sterile.


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There is a Cambro ~5 qt rectangular tub with top that meets your stated desires (100mm size).  It is NSF certified.

It is built to the EN-631-1 standard and it is GN 1/2 size.  It comes in at least a 4" ( 100mm) and a 6" deep size.  The 100mm one should handle about 4 lb of dough (perhaps a little more).

If you need more capacity just get the larger 6" deep variety or get a few of the 4" size and stack them.

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Got a set doing yeoman's work in my kitchen.  Fits in the Brod and Taylor proofer also...'s picture

I've been very happy with a pair of Sistema 5 liter, sealing lid boxes I found at a Container Store. Like shoe boxes but square. Made in NZ, food grade. Lids lock and seal very securely with snap-shut locks on all four sides. Low enough to slide into fridge shelves but big enough to fold 2 kg of dough inside without removing to counter, when in-bowl folding is called for. I like to set them in a sink of warm water during frequent folding of young doughs.  Don't recall price. Would buy again.