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Hi and thanks

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Hi and thanks


New baker here in the Isle of Man. Wanted to say hello and thanks for the inspiring posts on this site. Came accross the site after a fantastic artisan bakery opened locally serving sour dough breads and wanted to learn more about how they're made.

I'm still new but I've had great fun with my starter 'Percy'. This week I've used him to make tortillas/wraps for a chinese meal, pizza dough, and some baguettes. Kind of surprised how well it's working if I'm honest, and love the way the act of feeding makes the starter grow and prompts me into making something with the excess. 

So thanks for the time from both experts and newbies, great site, keep it up!


PS. Was talking about this site to the family over dinner, and mentioned the 'crumb shot' thing. Worrying that my daughters (age 13 and 15) laughed but the wife didn't get it!


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Welcome to TFL, Slimbo.

I don't know if there are any other users from the Isle of Man but there are plenty of us in the UK.  Have a good look around the site and use the search facility to research any questions you have but feel free to ask if you can't find the answer.