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Greetings, bakers, from northern Utah!

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Greetings, bakers, from northern Utah!

I'm a 58 YO mother and grandmother.  I Googled "Lee wheat mill" and was thrilled to see that they are still being manufactured!  I had heard, quite some time ago, that they had stopped making them.  I've had mine for 38 years.  I especially love how finely it grinds the flour. One of the legs from the base was broken in my last move, so I have to prop it up on something but, other than that, it works as well as it did new!

I first started baking bread when I was a 19 year old newlywed.  At that time, I used my mother-in-law's grinder and her recipe, but I didn't use all of the additions she added to it.  She was a follower of Adele Davis, and wanted everything to be highly nutritious.  She added extra wheat germ, brewer's yeast, kelp powder, and sometimes bone meal.  It wasn't bad when it was fresh but was as heavy as a brick, after that.  My husband appreciated my bread, which I made with whole wheat, but without the other things.  Sometimes, I used a little bit of white flour, to lighten it up a bit.  It wasn't until quite a few years later that I learned about the different types of wheat.  My in-laws had always bought huge amounts and shared with the rest of the family, and it was red wheat. I now use only hard white wheat, which is so light that even my pickiest family members will eat it. 

I'm hoping to get to know some people here, share some of my expertise and benefit from some of yours, too! 

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Sounds like you are quite experienced with bread baking and have some eager and hungry family members to try out your results.  I hope you keep posting to let us know your latest successes (and failures, too, are always interesting to me, at least).  I remember Adele Davis from back in the day--and I wonder if she is still around.  She was quite the (dare I say) fad back then.

I don't know anything about grinding my own flour so I looked up Lee's grain mill on e-bay and see that they have five of them listed today--all seem fairly pricey though but if I can find one that's a bargain I might jump in with a bid and try grinding flour.  I wonder where you buy your wheat (etc.) for grinding?  Do you have a co-op for that?  I don't think our Kroger stocks those sorts of things--or would they?  Just wondering...

Anyway,  welcome to TFL and I hope you share your pics and more stories.  J.

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I am VERY familiar with grinding your own wheat--usually from the big drums we had in food storage ;)  (I lived in Vernal until I was 12)  This is SUCH an amazing forum, everyone here has been so friendly and supportive!  You'll find amazing recipes, lots of advice, etc.

I am also trying *extremely* hard not to picture what bread with bonemeal would be like.  I am sure it must have been delicious, but the very name kind of makes me want to scream a bit.  Just a bit.

Welcome, and just know I am deeply jealous of your grinder--it's on our agenda, but we haven't acquired one yet.  Can't wait to follow your stuff!