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Bean Broth

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Bean Broth

I have an idea that I read about using bean broth as the liquid component in dough, but I can't find the reference anywhere. Has anyone tried this? 

I'm using freshly gound hard red wheat flour. The broth has some olive oil in it, and possibly enough salt that I won't need to add more.


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I don't see why that wouldn't work.  Please let us know how it comes out.

I tried adding cooked beans in my bread one time but I think I added too much and the bread was nasty.

Good luck.

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When I have leftover bean broth is in the summer, when I'm making salads. The beans are mild flavored - usually channa dal and other lentils - but there is almost always a range of seasonings in the water - onions, garlic, and herbs - which gives a great flavor to focaccia and similar breads.


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Hi aikigypsy,

Laurel's Black turtle bean bread uses 1 cup Beans and two cups bean cooking water, also 1 Cup raisins, and makes a lovely, almost cakelike bread. I have made it twice with good results. This two loaf recipe uses one tablespoon salt, which might be the tricky part in your case, figuring how much salt to use.     Ray