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New Baking Opportunities Raising Questions

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New Baking Opportunities Raising Questions

Hi everyone -

I've been reading this site for months, and now I've finally stumbled on a question!

I am a one woman, one mixer, and one oven baking opperation, and I have just received an opportunity for more sales with the owner of a large antique mall wanting to sell my breads and things in his concession stand and also the offer of having my own booth. The thing is, I'm used to baking per order, not in advance for future sales. I want to make sure that everything I sell is as fresh as possible, but I have but one oven. Things like bagels I can make daily, but what I'm worried about is baguettes, loaves and rounds, ect. 


How can I keep things at their freshest and still be able to bake in advance? I have a FooodSaver and a freezer, but I don't know if doing that and thawing will compromise my crust and/or crumb. 

Any advice is very welcome!!


Thanks - Mandy

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You can freeze your breads either par-baked or fully baked. Obviously, miches, boules, belgians, etc will take a while to thaw, but baguette will thaw in about 45 minutes. I have yet to see any seriously adverse reactions even to a few freeze-thaw-freeze cycles.

We have a booth at a farmers' market in summer. We send frozen but fully cooked, baguettes, croissants, almond croissants, chocolate croissants, miches, rye breads, mini-baguettes, etc. They stay "frozen" in coolers and are brought out a little at a time to thaw and sell.

If there is an oven on site, it would be nice to heat them up once thawed (we use a gass grill LOL), but not a biggie one way or another.