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Polenta Bread recipe

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Polenta Bread recipe


I was in London last week and had lunch in an Italian restaurant. One of the breads from the bread selection was a polenta (?) based bread with olive oil and sea salt.

It was about the consistency of a sponge very soft, springy and very yellow which is why I think it was polenta. It had lots of olive oil and crunchy sea salt.

I thought I would look it up when I got home but no luck on the internet. Lots of savoury cornbread but I am not seeing anything labelled Italian Olive Oil Bread with Sea Salt and none of my recipe books has anything either.

So has anyone got an authentic Italian bread recipe that might be what I am looking for?

Any help much appreciated.

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Pugliese is an Italian bread that uses semolina (durum) flour, and those flours also give a very yellow appearance.  There are many semolina or durum recipes on this site that also give the consistency you describe.  I have seen polenta only as an addition in small amounts in most breads.  You may try searching by the terms semolina or durum in the search box (upper left).


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You may want to check out recipes for Pane di Mais, the proportions of cornmeal to other flour would very, but I recall it as one of the delicious breads of Northern Italy...

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Here's something to start with...





Here's the 'home version'...:


*edit* I forgot that the KAF recipes, although they do show weighted measurements, don't copy/post that way, for some reason.

If you open that page, on KAF, you'll be able to 'click' on the converter to weights, rather than the volume measures shown here.





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semolina bread to me.  You can find recipes for it right here.