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Help a new baker? Spiral basket questions

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Help a new baker? Spiral basket questions

I am thinking about buying one of those spiral type of baskets so I get that spiral design on my breads. 7th picture down on this link

Sorry for the stupid questions... I have only been baking for about 8 months. My question is.... some pictures on the internet show people placing the dough directly into these baskets without a cloth liner and yet others use the liner. What is the purpos of this cloth liner and would you recommend a liner or no liner? Also, some baskets are wooden and others plastic.... what do you recommend? Most of my loaves have about 3 to 4 cups of flour in them, so would that be a 8 or 10 inch diameter basket? Some are listed by pounds such as a two pound basket..... as you can see, I need some help. Also, those baskets in that link... are they good or can I get better someplace else for about the same price?

Thank you for your patience!

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I recently purchased the wicker bannetons about 8-9" in diameter from Brickoven baker (through Amazon).  Love them.  I think using them with just flour or rice flour is great.  I needed an extra basket this week, so I I used a colander with a linen liner.  Worked fine.  I think it is just personal preference.  I think I would get wood or wicker as it can help dry the dough a bit. 

I would think the TMB baskets are fine.  Comparison price and if something seems "too cheap", it may not last very long.  I only got the bread baking bug a few months ago, but I have already amassed quite a bunch of baking gear and bread books.