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Los Angeles flour sources

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Los Angeles flour sources

Hey LA bakers - any tips on good places to get flour? I live in Silver Lake & know the local supermarkets, Naturemart up on Hillhurst, and India Sweets & Spices in Atwater Village, which has a lot of interesting stuff. I'd like to be able to get some good bread flour in moderate bulk, by which I mean 25 lb would be my upper limit; something maybe more than one type of rye, reasonable spelt, etc.

I generally use TJ's AP, TJ's white whole wheat, & atta (fine, whole grain durum from ISS).


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Here is a distributor I contacted a few years ago -  Goldberg & Solovy Foods, Vernon, CA, 800-27-FOODS -  they might be a source for you.  

Hope this helps!


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Smart and Final carries First Street bread flour, I think. They also carry King Arthur flours. 

As for specialty flours, maybe try Whole Foods.

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I live in Pasadena and order everything from Honeyvill Farms Store.  I love the quality of all of their products and they are a super company to do business with.  They will deliver your entire order  to your front door for $4.99   

Honeyville Grain, Inc. | 9175 Milliken Ave | Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730


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Central Milling. You can split a 50lb bag with someone. Los Angeles Bread Bakers meetup group does a group order a couple times a year. The Artisan Bakers Craft and Medium Whole Wheat are recommended. And I think Cookbook in Echo Park carries Central Milling flour in a 5lb bag, but don't think they carry those two popular varieties (probably pizza flour, etc.). I've used King Arthur, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods flours in the past.

Surfas carries a variety of good flour as well.

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Thanks for the ideas, everyone!