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New in FL

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New in FL


I'm new to the boards and so excited to gleen from others!  I just began making our family bread.  I'm somewhat overwhelmed and amazed at the simplicity and complexity that bread brings.  I can't get enough YouTube right now watching so many others making their favorite recipes.  Just when I think I might have it down, I learn something new.  I'm so grateful that others are willing to share their trials and errors so that I may learn more to help my family.  :-)

One of the main reasons I joined this site was because my search inquires kept bringing me to these forums.

Take care,


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Welcome to the site....I think that Floyd was having an optical cramp when he looked at your post.


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Heh, sorry about that.  

My English reading/writing ability is inversely proporational to my coding skill, so on days when I'm doing a lot solid coding my writing is atrocious.

My apologies, Genna.  Still, welcome!


(Original dumb comment removed)

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Oddly enough, I've had people call me Glenna in the past.   It's not too shocking to see, other than this being a male reference. ;-)


Thanks for the welcome.