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New to a Gluten Free Diet

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New to a Gluten Free Diet

Hi everyone,

I am a newbie here and to blogs in general...

I am trying to fine some gluten free breads...I am gluten intolerant & going insane trying to basicly learn how to bake all over again...I would truly appreciate a lot of help!!!

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I am a gluten tolerant home bread baker who has twin daughters who are gluten intolerant and a grandson who has  Celiac disease.  Both daughter's houses are gluten free.  They buy lots of gluten free products, including baking mixes and gluten free flours.  They rarely make anything that more than looks like bread; the textures are all wrong.  Without gluten you simply cannot make true gluten bread.  It's impossible. 

For your health, until some nongluten fibrous chemical which approximates gluten is developed, you simply will have to try the products available to you until you find those you're willing to live with.  Health is more important than any food you'll have to do without.

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I have had some satisfying experiences with gluten free breads. I bake for a friend who has Celiac disease and she really enjoys the products. King Arthur Flour has some excellent recipes for breads, scones, and rolls that are quite acceptable. Of course, none of these is like a real bread, but they are much better than commercially available products.

The Living Without website also has some acceptable recipes.


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Use the search box. You will find some help here but mainly may find links to great sites that has all the info you need. I have coworkers that need to be gluten free and while there are some things that don't turn out right, she says most things can be quite delicious. She recently brought homemade pizza to work for lunch with a gluten free crust thtat looked very good. Bread will tend to be spongey/gummy but the crackers,flatbreads,quickbreads,cookies seemed pretty good.

So use the search box and also take a look in the "Special Baking" forum

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Regards making gluten free bread if it's not regarded as sacrilage on this site, I recommend a Panasonic bread maker as it has a gluten free setting. Perhaps I didn't experiment or try hard enough in the past but I found my bread very dense, heavy and wet. Although I use a machine, I still experiment with different recipes and flours!